Germany’s biggest seal pool filled with water from the North Sea. Daily seal and animal feedings, fun for old and young.

Lighthouse Westerhever

Symbol of the landscape Eiderstedt on the North Sea with salt meadows for a walk or ride to the lighthouse. Guided tower tours are offered and marriage ceremonies.


This ramparts divides the river Eider and the Nord Sea and provides security against floods. Different boat trips are offered from here.


Historical harbor town at the mouth of the river Eider with traditional buildings and the Multimar Wattforum with experimental touch for the whole family.


This little town in Dutch style is located directly between the rivers Eider and Treene. 400 years ago Dutchmen settled here and brought up a recommendable example according to Dutch live with town canals.


The poet and writer Theodor Storm once called this town “The grey town at the sea”, but it isn’t grey, it’s colorful, the harbor with low and high tide, the new shopping center “THEO” and many cultural and leisure activities.

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